Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Sprouted Ragi Flour (Sprouted Finger-Millet Flour)

Sprouted Ragi Flour (Sprouted Finger-Millet Flour)

Sprouted Ragi Flour

1.       Wash the desired quantity of ragi or finger-millets thoroughly until the water runs clean.
2.       Soak them in water overnight for a duration ranging from 8 - 12 hours. (if the climate is warmer, then the time required would be shorter)
3.       Rinse the ragi or finger-millets thoroughly at least 2 times a day and make sure to drain out as much water as possible from the millets every time you rinse them.
4.       Place all the ragi or finger-millets in a piece of cotton cloth and tie them tightly and let them remain for 8-9 hours. (warmer the climate, shorter is the time required)
5.       Small sprouts will start appearing on the tips of the ragi or finger millets. These sprouts grow big with time.
6.       Spread the whole quantity of ragi or finger-millets on a cloth and let it dry or you can even fry them mildly without oil (zero oil) to get millets dried.

The sprouted ragi or sprouted finger-millets are ready for use. You can grind / mixer the desired quantity of millets as and when required for your daily usage or cooking.

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